ot search, but Shen Qing, she almost forgot this number of people.


  Qing Shen before from time to time give her a call, send some messages, after she was ignored, I do not know how or transfer of, not the sound.
  As for what happened between SD and off Yan Shen苏州夜网, Guan Xin and Gu habitat led to break up the text, she is not interested to know.
  About Qing Shen’s hot search term is: a car accident when Shen Qing
  Jiang Mian point into, skim through the next, sink into the clear suddenly hit the vehicle in front, who fell out from the windshield, hit the guardrail, rushed to hospital after, now out of danger.
  Point to open a moving map, you can see Shen Qing was cast out, people are awake, seems to want to stand up, but without success.
  Jiang Mian action figure saw a few times in a row, after a moment, eyebrows all at once – action figures, Shen Qing fell out hit the guardrail, lower body hit the go.
  At that rate and the power of his legs, absolutely impossible intact.
  The original book, the last Qing Shen and Gu habitat Wen Xin Guan contention, although there is no contention af北京夜网ter a person, but also the whole shall be full live text to the end of the tail.
  Gu Wen habitat is not only playing, but also suddenly dropped out, Shen Qing accident, two legs problems.It seems a little too coincidental.
  Jiang Mian frowning in thought, a thought vaguely about to emerge, the door behind him sounded clicks, the idea Nama pressed down.
  Attend to these, ginger back to sleep.
  ”Wuzhen Masters.”Teasing little paper man Tongyue Li rushed to the moment, ‘my mother her.’
  Left Star-exposed facial features a bit tired, but seeing baby daughter, he immediately sits up, he toward Tongyue: “You go inside.”
  Tongyue I do not know what comes to mind, and his face became pale shabu: “.My mother inside her?”
  Left Star-sentence: “Your mother has been in, go in, she is waiting for you.”
  Tongyue trance into the bedroom, people go in the paper.
  ”father.”Fearless father to see tired, ginge