er, hold her you go.”


  Qi Yue shocked, Guo instructors borrowed a crib, has made her very grateful, thinking about how to return.Now the old man actually more expensive strollers give Yaya, where Qi Yue dare to close?
  ”Excuse m北京风月网e sir, I can not accept this car, too expensive.”Qi Yue flushed Road,” Yesterday has received a silver chain of nine, I really can not take this car.”
  Yaya did not understand these, see the baby car ah chubby hand stretched out to reach for, Qiyue Gang Yaohong her, he did not expect the old man suddenly stepped forward, he reached out and hugged Yaya.
  His movements natural and adept, Qi Yue stunned moment, Yaya he was taken away, and then was placed in the baby in the car, he looked up and rushed Qi Yue said: “This is to send her, not send your.”
  This point was cold, but also reveals a pressure, Qi Yue Zhang opening, stroller pleased Yaya has been patting the steering wheel stroller giggled.
  ”Yue Yue, you quickly thank the old man’s kindness.”
  Did not speak of Yang Suli, suddenly he took her arm reminds.
  Qi Yue hesi广州桑拿tated, saw in the car and smile of the Ya-Ya, took a deep breath and punched the elderly thanks: “Thank you, old man’s gift, but this car is worth a lot of money, so I can not accept so, also Please advise price.”
  Old man opened the eyes askance at her, suddenly laugh loudly: “I tell you, you could get no.”
  Qi Yue chest wall, well, in fact, he was right, it simply priceless antiques.
  Slow the elderly look and said: “I said, you sta广州桑拿网y, I can avoid the rent, the premise is to take care of my child, I sent her this stroller, but also so that I can look after her, has nothing to do with you.”
  Qi Yue busy: “The rent is sure to post.”
  The elderly face was downcast: “Are you not agree with me to look after her?I was worried that she would hurt?”
  Qiyue Li engraved shook his head: “Of course not, I can see your intention to Yaya, only trouble you to look after her I was very sorry, how can I live rent?”
  ”I said do not pay do not pay, children to take care of me, I promise she will not let even a hair less.”

  Chapter 638 live