and did not notice, Osmond general shape of seriousness to 苏州桑拿网find the fox with him, but often unnoticed at the time, the corner of his eye he glanced surreptitiously.


  Robert adjutant before leaving the place, the last two of them looked at, looking very strange.
  His generals Osmond.Operating really getting a show.
  So play it again, sooner or later overturned!!
  Hey.Robert Neri is really a lot of trouble, but on the surface he can only indicate Furui no wave floor with a straight face, with the Executive to Xicheng District, looking for non-existent bird Fox.
  So, the whole afternoon so passed.
  Pei boat through such a result is natural looking without success.
  Sunset, he sat dejected to clinics across the middle of the street garden, a straight back so broke down, eyes glazed, staring at his clinic door.
  Inner corner, still looking forward to Meng Meng could so suddenly broke i广州桑拿网nto his field of vision.
  Distance, Osmond bought two cups of ice drink, came over to the hands of the beverage gave a drink to Pei Zhou: “Well, you like orange fruity, this cup gives you.”
  Pei boat driven to distraction to see the painting looks like his heart is not particularly taste.
  Pei boat subconsciously took it with straw and gently suck a little, with a hoarse voice channel “thank you”.
  Listen Pei boat for a day because his name shouted hoarse throat, Osmond Mouguang tremble, a deep sense of guilt in my heart, then it is up distressed irrepressible.
  His Adam’s apple rolling a bit, repressed emotions tumbling inside, sat down beside the boat in PEI, side by side, and he looked at clinics across, but my mind was trying to think what to say to each other’s words to comfort.
  Silence, the light boat Pei sucked orange fruit drink or two, and suddenly realized that Osmond’s performance just a little strange.
  He slowly tilted his head, watching the sunset Osmond in light of a more delicate facial features handsome, puzzled and asked.
  ”Osmond general, you.I like to know how orange