ine to have a special office, also in other rooms of this building.


  Jojo weeks after sitting a desk, touch table, looking out the window of the high-rise buildings, the people downstairs as the size of ants, and even the buses are generally small as a matchbox.
  I feel so good ah!Jojo sigh week.
  Previously, are being held in the office behind the supermarket where the window is not groceries playground is a dirty, cluttered with grass.
  The walls of the room may not be clean, it may have been damaged.Unlike now, th苏州夜网e beautiful walls, bright led lights, carpeted floor, clean, spacious work desk, glamorous colleag苏州夜网ues, broad vision and.bright future.
  Zhou Jojo first day of work, many still do not understand, and people she is also this office, on the first week teach Jojo know about her own work environment, and the way she said about the man behind the shelves and she needs to contact.
  Jojo Zhou listen very carefully, like a student prepare for exams, a regard for her new job opportunities.
  Jojo Zhou did not as the home of Ms. Yan Dashao conscious, so the office people are relaxed mood.
  The first day of work is drawing to a close in this atmosphere.
  Zhao Xinyue out from the manager’s office and asked Jojo week: “Great little lady think how to work today?”
  Zhou Jojo nodded and said: “Yes.”
  Zhao Xinyue will happily smiled and said: “That’s good, large and small, what if the wife is not satisfied at any time can put.”
  Sorry weeks Jojo n苏州桑拿odded, the door suddenly heard the sound of the Finance Department, Zhou Jojo probe looked, I saw Yan Wei wearing a suit, sharp eyes sweep in a circle, quickly found a week Jojo’s position.
  Zhou Yan Wei Jojo see coming, happy smile and Yan Wei see her smile, his face softened icy look, he raised his hand, showing off the b