t of two days of wages.


  690 dollars!
  Gu Yun Jiao get his hand a little bit staggering, half a month she do to earn so much money, Gu sleep two days to earn.
  Gu time to sleep happy, got tired of sleep in the past.
  The next day Gu Yun Jiao put 690 dollars to her yesterday, said it was her money, will collect herself, Gu did not sleep Tuiju, himself close up, go to school, sleepy eyes open , a class lying on the table more sleep.
  Gu sleep fin苏州桑拿网d Zhaode Hai, before the promise of a hundred dollars to the Zhaode Hai, she commissioned him to help find a house.
  Zhaode Hai took the money, went on to earn Gu sleepless please, immediately promised down.
  Right now heAnyway, it is a vagrant, just nothing to do.
  I did not expect to find a good day.
  The next afternoon after school, at the school gate waiting for it Zhaode Hai, said that to find a good house, took her to see.
  Gu sleep less demanding, a little bigger, there is a window, toilet slightly wider, there is a place to dry clothes on the line.
  Zhaode Hai said: “I ran all day today, legs run off, managed to find a.The landlord has any connection with the price for a long time, just waiting for you to come to see the full dissatisfied.”
  Gu did not sleep with Gu Yun Jiao said, followed Zhaode Hai went to the house, they lived in the room next door building, on the third苏州夜网 f南宁桑拿loor, large orders, as well as three people can stand a small balcony, twice as big as the original place they live , but also doubled the rent, the original one hundred and two, is dead grinding hard foam Zhaode Hai, a hundred Kandao.
  Gu sleep very satisfied.
  The Gu Yun Jiao brought over to look, Gu Yun Jiao strong reaction disturbed her squandering money on, even regret to give money to the care of sleep, sleep a few words to appease Gu