Wen recalled a moment nine, Song Jie face.
  His age is not old, probably way less than three years old.
  Perhaps, he is escaped from the Mu famil北京夜网y Mu family descendants That catastrophe.
  If not Mu family, is not it will have any contact with the Mu family?
  Perhaps, the name Song Jie, is simply not his real name, of course, if he is Mu family’s descendants, naturally have the anonymity.
  Wen brain nine holes, also grew more and more big.
  Of course, this is nothing but her own mind are divergent, cranky nothing, no exact accordance with the actual, be able to prove this conjecture.
  ”Song Jie?”Cloud nine Che listened temperature questioning, suddenly frowned.
  The name seems to be listening to who ever mentioned, but he can not remember a time.
  Cloud Che is an extremely intelligent person, if a person, he had seen, know, or who listen mentioned, there are some deep impression, then, he will not easily forget.
  Yun Chol is almost certain that the name Song Jie, where he must have heard, however, mention the name of the other party time, probably casually said, so the cloud Che underwhelmi深圳桑拿网ng, so he now a bit not remember, is where he really heard it.
  This feeling is very bad, cloud Che frowned, he was the most hated it.
  He rarely had such a situation, if he knew the thing, he usually will not forget.
  But now such a situation, really made him very unhappy.
  Just when Che tried to think of the cloud, the side of Zhou Xiangting spoke:
  ”I know this man, Song Jie.”
  Zhou Xiangting This outburst, temperature Nine, Che cloud, and cloud Kun, all eyes, all focused on him the.
  ”you know?”Che because of brood cloud and to no avail, and now she is feeling anxious, I heard that Zhou Xiangting know, his voice is very poor, but also a little high tone.
  Zhou Xia