l out, “I’ve heard people saving their own seed, but the crops grow well , is it fake?”


  ”No false, related to the production of grain seeds, seed selection to be careful, do not try to build tertiary, or you ask my mom again?”Xue said there is a good variety of flower selection, as a direct challenge soybeans peanuts class full of seeds can, however, different corn wheat rice, seemingly selected species to die a few years南宁夜网, have to buy seed grain supply and marketing cooperatives, thirty-five saying exactly explain the kind of.
  Ah the sound of construction land, “to look for opportunities to me to ask her, really want to learn the way to increase production, we produce your mother is the team’s hero.”Because the relationship betwe广州桑拿en crop production team of Xue flower pig, year after year yields are up growth, but after reading Xue flower plots of corn, he feels there is still much space for food rising production team.
  Xue flower plots of corn a lot of people are looking at, and Xue Lu Jianguo Flower also talk about it, do not buy grain seeds Xue Huahua he was clear, had good intentions do not risk Quanguo Xue flower, food is the root of people’s lives, home conditions finally a good point, because they do not mind a mess again the house in bad bad bad, proved Xue flower idea is to fight, corn significantly much better than last year, this year he pondered the thickHe put down the phone, glanced Pei Zhengxiong feebly: “Dad, how do you do all day wondering me sick?”
  Pei Zhengxiong silent, spoke up: “Then you tell me how you suddenly willing to go to the com深圳桑拿网pany?”He did not say anything, he suspected his son brain problems!
  Pei Naochun sincere: “Dad, you’re sick, do not do my son not to worry about it?You let me do what I would not agree with it?As long as you properly, I think what is good!”
  ”to be frank.”There is no mind Pei Zhengxiong fluctuations, even wanted to laugh.
  ”Dad, I mean really.”
  ”You’re playing what idea?”Pei Zhengxiong looked suspiciously own s