harvest geometry problems, like the geometric quality, Gu Xuanzhi a few of the heart is.


  Beans has grown so big so good, no matter who is going to harvest, the harvest will not last much impact, Gu Xuanzhi myself in the most energy on the preparation of “fine planting – planting soybean is Example “above the.
  In order to write this book, Gu Xuanzhi day and night reading those books sent from agriculture Wei苏州夜网dong levy in allusive to myself from the God of the land heritage in metaphysics learned farming is ba北京风月网sed on the core, combined with a variety each comp scientific methods, by quantitative data characterizing the like, the entire process of soybean are described in detail again, and also contribute to a high yield of the proposed standard soybeans.
  Gu Xuanzhi written in layman this “fine planting – planting soybeans, for example,” will find that this is an agronomy book, quantified by means of a series of scientific, environmental regulations qualitatively soybean cultivation required temperatures , humidity, moisture, nutrients, etc., as long as strict accordance with this set of criteria, under the low-lying crops growing base of success is replicable.
  In other words, no matter the crop to North of fruits and vegetables planting base, or go to the center of Sanjiang nursery crops, or also to cultivate grain reserve base in East.北京夜网As long as strict compliance with those requirements Gu Xuanzhi written in this book to, we can grow the crop production base under the Sag difference goes to soybeans.
  Gu Xuanzhi carefully examined the manuscript several times, first ruled out typos, wrong sentences such as low-level error, and later checked the whole book in metaphysics kernel to determine this scientific theory is not contrary to those things God of the lan