her wise in fact, there have already been taken under the trust part of the reason is because she bothered to do it; at that time the DPRK Supervisors active status is high because other ministers sometimes can not stand the toss female emperor, only allow supervisors to toss the Empress’s ears.


  So those who are left behind poems boast female emperor, and basically putting all the year round not returned Luoyang, not been able to deeply understand the essence of female emperor.
  Obviously Heng Lin Yu-year stay with read a lot of memories Mu Song, Shu Qin, Zhong Yu, who black material, results in the end, Lin read the Lette深圳桑拿按摩rs written in the space occupied by the most people are still Yu Heng!
  Letters translated only a quarter, there have been friends out of the studio.
  Fans of glass heart ah can not afford injuries!
  Only those who adhere to the last bite, suddenly shed a tear.
  ”If one day later discovered this Letters impression of how do you shattered?”That time I’m asked her to read.
  ”Until then, I still flourishing founder of this Xingping.”
  Finally, Lin read to them this conversation recorded in the last page of Letters.
  Some have been on yellowed paper, two lines penetrating, occupies the whole side of the paper, form the most sonorous meaning Yueranzhishang.

Chapter 31 teachers papers
  Receiving original body memory is only a moment away.
  Heng Jade Emperor for many years, temperament is also infected with a little dignity, 苏州夜网but After receiving memory, she would realize that they have come to a new world, flew to coercion putting restrained.
  She北京夜生活 sat across from the headmaster of LIAO Zhi is the moment to release the momentum stunned cold sweat coming out, but when he look at the past, Miss Yu sat across from him was a gentle look dough.
  Aware of